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Check driver card (digital tachograph) anytime, anywhere? Check driver card (digital tachograph) anytime, anywhere?

Did you know that you can check your driver card (digital tachograph) data easily and quickly at any time and anywhere? Furthermore, that you can take a look at your driving time at any time to make the most of what is allowed by legislation?

What does it mean: the driver card can be checked at anywhere and anytime?

Over the past few years, we have developed a mobile driver card (digital tachograph) reader application offering help to drivers and managers, that is unique in Europe,

Thus, reading and checking driver cards has now become accessible to anyone through a mobile phone.

What data can you see on your phone immediately?

  •       Your driver activities and events of the last 28 days
  •       If you had violations in the last 28 days and their severity
  •       The application plans daily and weekly rest periods and driving times for you
  •       You get all the information related to legislation, driving times and rest periods

This application gives you complete security throughout Europe, so that you can always take rest periods properly and continuously maximize your driving time!

“… In France, when checking the regular rest period, the amount of the fine to be imposed in the event of a violation is EUR 30,000, and the driver may be sentenced to up to 1 year imprisonment.”

AETRControl Mini Manager – A unique application in Europe that offers drivers ultimate safety

Who can access the AETRControl Mini Manager?