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Announcement of foreign missions of drivers through the AETRControl IMI system.

5 990,00 Ft +vat for 6 months

Annual subscription for 6 months

You can select the number of drivers who want to use the service to report the posting of drivers abroad.



Announcing the foreign mission of drivers is cumbersome and time-consuming through the website

The AETRControl IMI system (hereinafter IMI) enables employers to make the declaration of their posted workers more easily and quickly, without having to invest a lot of work time.

The IMI automatically downloads and sends confirmation of the declarations to the driver’s smartphone so that they can present the confirmation on their phone if they are stopped.

It helps employers to comply with the law and avoid penalties for failing to declare their posted workers.

It gives businesses more flexibility, so they can spend more time on important tasks and make sure their notifications comply with the law.