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SimplePay – Please accept the terms of payment.

Recurring credit card payment (“Recurring Payment”) is a feature that is accepted by SimplePay for accepting a credit card, which means that you will be able to make future payments using your credit card information provided by the Buyer during the registration transaction without re-entering your credit card information.
By accepting this statement, you agree that you will be able to use this webshop after a successful registration transaction
( initiated subsequent payments without re-entering your credit card information and without your consent per transaction by the Merchant
should be initiated.
Attention (!): Your credit card information will be handled in accordance with the card company rules. Credit card details are not accessible to Merchant or SimplePay.
The Merchant shall be directly liable for any recurring payment transactions initiated by the Merchant in error or unlawfully, with the Merchant’s payment service provider
(SimplePay), any claim is excluded.

I have read and accept the content of this information.