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AETRControl MyTacho

  •   AETRControl MyTacho is available for download from the Play Store and after a 30-day trial, you can subscribe to monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual re-subscriptions or a lump sum for fixed-term use and tachograph download.

  • The AETRControl MyTacho subscription, paired with the email address provided at the time of purchase and the IMEI number of the first Android device logged in, works on a 1 subscription – 1 device basis.

  • Please use the same e-mail address when shopping in the web store and entering the AETRControl MyTacho application! Entering the same e-mail address ensures that the subscriptions work as intended.

  • Card reading, processing, storage
  • Driver events
  • Basic data of driver card
  • Violations
  • Planning (possible rest times)

Quarter, half, annual lump sum


One-time card or transfer payment, renewal is done manually

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Quarter, half, annual system


Re-payment via OTP Simple, PayPal or Barion system for selected periods

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.