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Check your tachograph data easily on your mobile

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Check your tachograph data easily on your mobile

Download application
Avoid domestic and foreign penalties
In order to avoid domestic and foreign penalties, you need to know exactly how much time you spent driving and resting on a daily and weekly basis, when you should take a break next, and if you have already used up the benefits provided by the regulations.
Keep track of your current status
However, our tachograph download card reader ensures that your smartphone or tablet is tracking your current status or the events of the last 28 days. You can also check how much driving time there is left for the day or week, how much you can do for night work and when to take a break, if you want to meet the requirements.
Can you take two 24-hour rest periods in succession?
You can immediately see what kind of weekly rest you need to take (24 or 45 hours). You can check your possibilities for the current and upcoming weeks, sparing your accommodation costs.
AETRControl Manager appliaction

What are the benefits of the mobile application?

Checking driving times
Checking rest periods
Compliance with AETR rules
Avoiding penalties

AETRControl has brought you the solution

The real solution is a reader that can be connected directly to the tachograph, which…
– Always supplies you with fully credible data – Allows you to check your current data at any time – Guarantees completely safe operation

Carry your tachograph data in your pocket

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